Training Approach

Our approach to training is based on the belief that learning is participant-directed balancing consultants’ expertise and clients’ needs. We see training as an opportunity to foster an open dialogue and information sharing between the facilitator and participants. Content is developed based on learning outcomes in collaboration with the client guaranteeing its relevance to the work environment. Our training activities and workshops are designed based on the following features:

Delivery – EDUACTION adopts two modes of delivery for its workshops either during regular office hours or after-hours sessions (early evening on weekdays or weekends). These workshops are delivered in a live format by one of our consultants allowing a large number of staff or students across your organization to participate.

Alignment with Institution’ Mission – At the discretion of the educational institution, workshops may connect to existing professional development plans (for executives and staff) or to the curriculum (for students) to avoid duplication of efforts or not falling within their scope.

Style and Evaluation – The facilitator-led workshops are based on measurable learning outcomes and adopt an interactive approach through applied content, peer education, problem based and/or experiential learning. At the end of every workshop, participants will be asked to complete an assessment survey. Results will be used to draft a final report.